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Frequently asked questions

What is ChemoCheer?

Fighting cancer shouldn’t be lonely but the reality is that there’s often barriers between patients and their friends and family. There’s uncertainty about what’s the best thing to do to help. ChemoCheer breaks down those barriers with lightheartedness and laughter! We provide an easy way for friends and family to show they care.

Who should set up a ChemoCheer patient page?

Patient pages should only be set up by a patient or someone approved by the patient. ChemoCheer pages should not come as a surprise to a patient. Our desire is to help patients and give them complete control over their page.

Is ChemoCheer a free service?

Yes. It is 100% free to use ChemoCheer. We are funded through generous donations from our community. Each donation helps us power patient sites and add new features. Please consider making a donation today.

Can supporters upload more than one photo?

Absolutely! The more the merrier. The same person can post multiple pictures of themselves or post pictures for other supporters.